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EscortingHub.com Terms & Conditions

Version 6, February 2024

Site ethos: EscortingHub.com is a free chat and advertising platform for sex workers and sex buyers (in all areas of the sex industry). All members are equal, and all sex workers/buyers are welcome.

Attitude and respect: Discussion must be respectful and disagreement civil; this is not a site that will tolerate abuse and bullying, though robust debate can be expected. Please use the ‘Report’ button to alert the moderators to any abuse of the platform or its members.

Posting: Please be responsible and do not initiate discussions, post links or add media concerning any topics that are subject to legal considerations, such as those involving minors, animals, violence etc.

Honest advertising: The use of fake (or stolen) pictures is not permitted, and admin reserves the right to remove them.

Multiple accounts: Not permitted, admin reserves the right to permanently exclude any member found using multiple accounts. All accounts will be removed where this is found to be the case..

Hidden or secret sections: There are no hidden areas of the site. WYSIWYG.

Shadow admin / ignoring admin warnings: Those who repeatedly ignore admin warnings or act like moderators will face account restrictions upto and including a permanent ban.

VPN usage: We do not allow registration via VPN or other anonymising services.

Exclusion from membership: Admin reserves the right to reject or terminate the membership of any person known to be dangerous, violent, a stalker or pest, scammer, or online troll. This is non-negotiable.

Reviews or warnings: In general, Escorting Hub is not the place for warnings, though in extreme circumstances warnings may be allowed. Reviews are not permitted.

Requests for information/recommendations of non-members: These must be posted in the appropriate regional forum. Multiple/repeated threads seeking the same information will be deleted, and action may be taken against anyone abusing this facility with stupid requests. Punters are encouraged to use the Classified section to place a Reverse Booking request.

Discretion: Anyone posting revealing/identifying information, e.g. an escort's working address, will be banned. Do not give any more specific information than a town/city when discussing any EH member's or escort's location. Never name hotels, apartments, streets etc. on the boards, or imply another member's location by mentioning e.g. local landmarks, named GUM clinics etc.

Account closure: We suggest you simply change your password to something random, log out and forget about the site. We will not tolerate indecisive members who waste our time asking to be deleted then reinstated.

Other platforms: Escorting Hub is an independent site with no links to any other platform. While we appreciate that there are some relevant sex work platforms which may crop up in discussions on Escorting Hub occasionally, please do not start a thread with the sole intention of discussing another platform. Repeated and persistent criticism of other platforms/online fora and/or their members will result in withdrawal of posting privileges or a ban.

Minimum age: Members must be over 18 years of age

Media: Any media involving minors, extreme violence/BDSM activities, animal cruelty etc. will be deleted and action taken against the poster. X-rated photos are acceptable. We allow posters to post only media of themselves, and not pictures of others whose explicit consent for sharing has not been recorded.

Indemnity: Escorting Hub is not responsible for any user-generated content and accounts. Content submitted expresses the views of their author only.

Licence: You are granting EscortingHub.com a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable licence to use, publish or re-publish your content in connection with the service. You retain copyright over the content.