Free sex stuff!

This is a bit of an odd one, but I've got a new bed being delivered next week, and clearing out my divan drawers I found a load of stuff I'd forgotten I had. I've chucked a few hundred condoms, but it seems a shame to throw away new/unused items. So, if anyone is willing to PM me their/an address, I'll happily post it free of charge (it will have to be an all-or-nothing offer). Everything intimate/insertable will be in its original packaging.

I haven't done a full inventory, but it includes:
  • A few porn DVDs
  • A medium/large blue clear plastic standard-shape butt plug
  • A smaller prostate stimulator-type butt plug
  • A full, long coil of black bondage rope
  • Soft/play handcuffs and straps/harness
  • An enema kit (or at least the squeezy pump)
  • A soft leopard skin print (slightly furry) paddle